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A selection of some of the web development projects Think Optimised has been involved with

We specialise in Laravel, Vue.js and Foundation development but we have a vast array of knowledge spanning a diverse subject range. Wondering why we chose Laravel? Find out in this interview for Zoek.uk.

YouinMind logo

YouinMind.org helps people find mental health support services, quickly and easily for themselves or those they care for.

YouinMind needed a platform building that would allow them to get to market as soon as possible, but be flexible enough to handle scale to become a national service.

Collaboration and quick communication were going to be essential to making this project a success and so Think Optimised setup the tools that would enable this. Trello was used for the initial project management so that both companies could see incoming tasks, priorities and where they sat in the workflow. Once the project was live, Trello was replaced by Teamwork for greater control and reporting. Slack was used for communication, incoming notifications (deployments & Trello updates) and document sharing. Slack enables quicker communication in an easier to follow format than email.

The server environment is built with an HA architecture on Digital Ocean, with proactive external monitoring for uptime, application errors, Real User Monitoring (RUM) & page statuses.

The software platform is developed upon the Laravel framework with the search functionality and the CMS utilising Vue.js and accessing the Laravel installation via API calls. Foundation was used as the frontend SCSS framework developed using semantic coding.


Craig is professional, engaging and enjoyable to work with. He has done and continues to do a great job working with us to develop YouinMind.org. We couldn't be happier!

Kate Carney CEO & Founder
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Wealthdunk logo

WealthDunk is the UK’s first website dedicated solely to free, independent online investment management education and comparison.


Weathdunk approached Think Optimised to build the bespoke CMS needed to power this new innovative digital platform. The platform needed to be powerful, flexible and stand as the foundations for the significant growth in Wealthdunks plans. To this point, the CMS was built using Laravel 5 with the frontend powered by the dependable Foundation framework by Zurb. The project was delivered within budget and by the needed deadline, an essential for a startup such as Wealthdunk.

WealthDunk's comparison tool was designed to be as scalable as possible from the outset. With this in mind, it was imperative we contract with a technical partner who understood our business requirements beyond a simple list of technical requests.

Craig from Think Optimised immediately demonstrated not only technical know-how, but commercial acumen that fuelled heated internal discussions. This led to WealthDunk further developing our own idea of the perfect comparison table, which was then delivered on time and on budget by Think Optimised. Given our demanding requirements, this was no mean feat!

Overall, WealthDunk is extremely pleased to have contracted with Think Optimised for our initial comparison table and we are now about to embark on a second project with Craig and the team. You can't get a bigger vote of confidence than that!

Founder Wealthdunk
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Tie Break Tens logo

A new, exciting short tennis format where only tie-breaks are played during one 4 hour session.

Tie Break Tens required a leaderboard showing statistics for players that users could sort and search and be easily dropped into a WordPress page. Lumen was used for the API platform for its simplicity, and a Vue.JS was used to power the front-end. This made it very easy to develop a component that could then be easily placed within any WordPress page.

Tie Break Tens
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Zoek logo

Zoek is the new job search site and app that uses state of the art technology to find you the perfect job match.


Zoek needed an efficient landing page that was to be used in a new campaign. The landing page was developed with the Foundation framework and was integrated with the Salesforce product Pardot, a B2B marketing system.

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